Tech Art & Animation
January Update!

I know, I know! It’s been over a month, but I figured i’ll better post an update later than never ;D

Things are a little up-side-down atm, as I am staying at a friends place (for a little over two weeks now) in Berlin - thats right, Im back in the capitol of good old Germany, as I have found a pretty amazing workplace at Infernum Studios :)

I’ve been busy ever since I started there, getting to know the CryEngine 3 and pretty much all of its Asset Creation Pipelines (started with animation & model export/implementation, to sound implementation and even a little code); Yes that means I have not gotten around to working on any personal projects but they’re still up on my task board.

I DID get Jeeves, the robot, done (as in skinning & rigging) and hopefully the mods will put it up for dload on creativecrash soon!

 So basically: Im still alive, working my ass off (and loving it!) and intend on picking up all my projects once I’ve got a place of my own!